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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - May 2020 Releases and Community News (ft. Totono)

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This time I should say that you manage to cover some importants stuffs, so good for you. That said, let me try to add some opinion here.

It's too bad that KEY may not interested to continuing Angel Beats or Jun Maeda health problem did halt the project, because actually it's a big project that was planned to cover all of 18 routes. So of course KEY want to cover the side characters first before going to the main one, so if someone ask on why Yuri or Kanade did get less focus then the answer is simply because both of them are main characters and KEY obviously intend the hypothetical 6th Beat as their game (Especially Kanade). I admit that Utawarwrumono remake release did give the much needed improvement over the original in regard of gameplay (And graphic), although the story is more or less still the same though. I'll also say that I'll look forward to whatever would happen if Alka took over Miagete restoration project, so hopefully it'll end well seeing that we still have it censored thanks to Pulltop's thoughtless business policy.

I still didn't pay attention much to ATRI here, although I wonder though if Makura would really work together with Frontwing and Aniplex to finally bring Sakura no Uta into English officially. No comment on Mangagamer promotion tag on Higurashi promotion other than obviously they put a big spoiler in the promotion, although to be fair it should be Late Arrival Spoiler now that Higurashi is been available for almost 20 years. As for Kimikoi/Totono, yeah it's the biggest release for May and surely it quickly became viral thanks to a similarity with a more well known OELVN. Kimikoi's writer here (Shimokura Vio) is also deserve a mention in that he's been helping Naotaka in writing Steins Gate, and it might be possible that Shimokura is the one who contribute a lot in Steins Gate so that it became very good. Granted that his official role is only write Suzuha's route and it's uncredited, but even then it still help a lot to Steins Gate seeing that Suzuha's route itself did contribute a lot of reveal for the majority of Steins Gate.

Lastly while granted that we should been seeing this in regard of Sol Press, it's still too bad though that they decided to back away from VN Localization industry, and moreso if we know that they also cancelling Laplacian VNs license. I guess they may need some restructuritation before they can do better, in that they've already quite infamous after seeing some blunders from them. I also want to say that their decision to upscaling Sakusakura image is wrong, seeing that it cause the delay and surely the reader wouldn't care much about the graphic as long as they can get the VN on time. In any case, I only care for Irotoridori as of now seeing that they still didn't touch on Witch's Garden yet.

Well that's all for what I can add for May 2020 updates.

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