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Minami | Demo available | Psychological Horror/Romance | Play it Today!

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"I can't stand this perfect couple!!"


Eiichi has been friends with Takehito and Minami for 5 years. Takehito and Minami is the definition of the perfect couple. Eiichi wants to try to also have a perfect relationship like them. After years of breakups and misfortune, He becomes envious of them. Eiichi decides to find the reasoning of why they're so perfect.. and to even find dirt on them so he could break them up and feel happier. After finding what he needed, he discovered something disturbing about Minami. Minami isn't his girlfriend. And Takehito has to do something about it and Eiichi won't like it at all..




Thank so much for reading the synopsis! I do plan to release the game but I don't have the funds as of yet. 


The demo version includes:

- Placeholder Art (Backgrounds and Sprites either made by me or from resources) -

- Half of the story (Chapter 1 Only) -

- Animations -

- Music by VFM -

- SFX -

- Menu with OP -



The full version will include:

- VA lines -

- The rest of the story -

- Replaced Art -

- Replaced Music -

- OP/ED -

- New Menu -



Play this game today!!

Download: https://ragyuop.itch.io/minami-demo

VNDB: https://vndb.org/v28544


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