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I have been using vnr for a year, but for two days it has translated the game for the first 5 minutes then the subtitles no longer appear. Then after an hour it returns to normal and works for another 5 minutes. I solved it with a vpn, but unfortunately it is slow. Can you give me some advice?, Or maybe explain to me how to do the translations offline, since I now use google traslate.


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20 minutes ago, giuseppe.corbino-bmc7 said:

I managed to make Atlas work, but unfortunately it only translates into English, I don't know English ....

hmmm, i think your problem on vnr, have u try reinstalling the newest version?

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12 hours ago, giuseppe.corbino-bmc7 said:
Correction. It is a wonderful program, it works with everything and it is very light. Thank you very much
I'm just sorry that I can't play in full screen

youre welcome, you can play fullscreen, try to right click then always to top. But some game cant be play for fullscreen if have old engine that not allow to alt+tab when full screen

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