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karl franz

someone could recomand a VN similar to highway blossoms?

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Definitely Heart of the Woods, it's made mostly by the same poeple and it's beyond excellent IMO.

When it goes to other devs, Love Ribbon comes to mind, it's also very focused on the main two characters and their struggle... I could also recommend Starlight Vega, Mizuchi, Blackberry Honey, although each of them do some kind of spin on the usual romance formula...

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I guess Katahane would be qualify seeing that it have GL relationship along with the journey theme, although it also have male and girl relationship as well. Other than that you can try Flowers tetraligy as well, although currently only two out of four part (Spring and Summer) that currently available in English though. It still conclusive enough to a degree on it's own, so you can try it directly. I don't know if you slready tried those VNs or not, but regardless of that I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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