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Gamer Girls in Visual Novels

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Trying to think of all the gamer girls in visual novels. Not the ones that might've played a game or 2 in passing, but ones where it's at least a somewhat defining aspect of their character.

These are the major ones I can think of:

  • Akane (Rewrite) - Shooters
  • Mashiro (Making*Lovers)- Old School/Monster Hunter
  • Maho (Sankaku)- Fighting Games
  • Meguru (Sanoba/Sabbat)- Single Player RPGs
  • Hana (Chaos;Child) - MMOs
  • Chiaki (DanganRonpa 2)- Various genres
  • Aoi from Totono is a visual noveler? I guess if we count that, Shiina from Sankaku is eroge queen.
  • Ureshino (Daitoshokan) - FPSer
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2 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

I hope I'm not conflating her with anybody else, but if you take Saki to the arcade doesn't she show she's actually pretty good at arcade shooters?
Not a defining aspect of her character by any means, though.

I got the impression they just made her a secret fan of guns in general

But you do remember correctly. That's the thing though. Arcade is an optional date site and you could potentially never know. Compared to Mashiro who has a full CG scene playing games together.

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I remember some because just clear this series. Kisu Shiina from Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai. She is player like us eroge player.
And Iyo from nanairo, she spent her whole life into game after the master of house passed. Also have high spec game consoles, for playing online game on PC.


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Senshinkan- Ayumi

Semiramis no Tenbin- Eru and Fumika 

Sakigake Generation- Yuria, Ouka

Cocoro@function- Mina

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteiru 3- Mimi

Mirai Nostalgia- Uta

Hikari no Umi no Apeiria- Mashiro (really all the heroines to a greater or lesser extent)

Tomofure- Sakurako

Psychologic Love Comedy- Mitsuki (she's also a yangire though)

Akabanzu- Hotaru

Doshikuro- Urara

Sanoba Witch- Meguru

Golden Marriage- Touko

Puramai Wars- Minori

Nanairo Reincarnation- Iyo

Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu- Yume

Tokyo Babel- Lilith and Raziel

Harvest Overray- Lilia

Shirogane Spirits- Mei

Nekonade Distortion - Kotoko

Sankaku Ren'ai- Maho

11eyes- Kaori

Akatsuki no Goei- Aya

Otome domain - Hinata

Floral Flowlove- Riku

Butterfly Seeker- Haya

Irotoridori series- Kyou

Wakaba-iro no Quartet- Sofia

Realive- Kaya

Orefuka- Towa

Unionism Quartet- Tia

Hataraku Otaku no ren'ai Jijou- Akira


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As for mine, I did remember that DD from Chrono Clock is have a setting in which she's a high scorer in dance game. Granted that it's only a passing, but seeing that she develop a title it still count to a degree (It should also be noted that DD like to wear maid uniform whenever she play the dance game).

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