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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - April 2020 Releases and Community News (ft. Alka Announcements)

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Once again good video there, although you did miss Sakuramori release though. About Genesis, well it surely would have a lot of sex scenes seeing that even VNDB categorized it as nukige, so yeah I'll pass it. As for Alka, rather than both of Miagete FD and Kud Wafter my focus is on whether they can keep their pace for Reflection Blue later or not, but of course the new projects are always welcome. For Saya no Uta, I can't comment on that other than JAST should do some checking before distributing the hardcopy. Speaking about hardcopy, I did remember Aokana hardcopy KS and actually Switch release here is actually one of their promise back at KS, so nice to see that Nekonyan can fulfill another of their obligation (Recently they did post at their KS update in that they already have the sample for the box). No much to say for Majikoi A series, but at least only two games left to have all of Majikoi games to be translated (With the assumption that there'll be no more Majikoi project, although apparently we'll have another one).

In the end, I can say that April as quite a nice month with two big VNs releases (To me), Makeover and Sakuramori. And seeing that they (Nekonyan) already almost complete with Hello Lady, I guess we may have the release for that in this year as well although it's more or less just my wishful thinking though.

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