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1. Download QuickBMS.zip from http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm and extract it.


2. Create a file in the same directory called spanic_databin.bms and paste this contents:

# extract LZ77 files from DATA.BIN in PS2 Strawberry Panic [SLPS-25612]

endian little
comtype PUYO_LZ01

    FindLoc OFFSET string "LZ77" 0 ""
#print "OFFSET = %OFFSET%"
    If OFFSET == ""
    xmath REM "OFFSET % 16"
    If REM == 0
        GoTo OFFSET
        getdstring SIGN 4
        get SIZE long
        math SIZE += 0x7FF
        get ZSIZE long
        savepos OFFSETZ

        get NAME basename
        string NAME += "_"
        string NAMEEND p= "%08x.dmp" OFFSET
        string NAME += NAMEEND

print "@ %OFFSET%  %ZSIZE% -> %SIZE% => %NAME%"

        xmath OFFSET "OFFSET + 16"
        GoTo OFFSET

3. Open a command prompt in the directory.

Copy and paste this command:

quickbms.exe spanic_databin.bms e:\DATA.BIN .

where e:\DATA.BIN is the PS2 DVD resource path.



Result is a bunch of files

- those which have a "TIM2" header when opened in a hexadecimal editor = de-facto PS2 image file format standard (see here for example http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/osaka_0705/18217893.html)

- those which don't, may be a collection of TIM2 files (e.g. DATA_001e0000.dmp, DATA_158bf780.dmp, etc.) - need further study

- some others are rather mysterious: DATA_1b5a0000, obfuscated scripts maybe??


decoder provided as is with no warranty that produced data is correct.

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Here is a ripping script, although still imperfect.
1. Install Python 3.x

2. Edit "dump_data.py" to reflect data.bin path


3. Open a command prompt and chdir to script directory

python dump_data.py   

4. Double-click "_convert_tm2.cmd" to begin conversion process. Only a small fraction of BG/CG/Tachie files seem to be properly handled?


There is more work needed to unpack multi-TIM2 containers.


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