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Slice of Life VN romances with a not self-insert-like protagonist

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I'm a newer VN reader, but I'm very picky in what to read next usually. I'm a bit anxious about slice of life romance VNs, because I usually hear that many have protagonists with self-insert-like personality (which is like the character basically does what behavior the readers expect from him or basically most choices he gets are up to us). I liked Yuuji from the Grisaia series for example, because his character never felt bland or hollow and most of the choices were his decision. The protagonist doesn't even have to be anything really unique, just feel like he's an actual character and not the writer's/reader's self-inserting. Does anyone know some recommendations?

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I always recommend Key games to newcomers, so you could start with them. Kanon, Air, Clannad are good games to start, but all of their VNs are perfect and the protagonists have great personalities.

I also like Symphonic Rain a lot. It has romance, drama and a protagonist that'll change your perspective on things

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Clannad, well-written protagonist, who is not dense and has actual issues of his own

Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, nothing too special but the protagonist has his own dream

Fureraba, I remember this one being a dumbass but I actually found it absolutely hilarious, it was too much so I kind of thought it was to mock actual self-insert protagonists but I may be reading too much into it


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