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Anime Summer List of 2020

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58 minutes ago, Dreamysyu said:

Nothing particularly interesting so far.

Hey, hey, how can you say that when we have the second season of my favourite shounen trash show and this unholy abomination based on another LN so deeply uninspired its mere existence sounds like a joke at this point. What else can someone want from an anime season? We can't have another sequel to Hand Shakers every time. :P

I need to finally watch that Hand Shakers sequel though... The fact it's a thing is both hilarious and deeply disturbing. :wahaha:

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Not really. Actually, it does start with a pretty simple plot, there is no denying that. It's just that it has an actually pretty good world building, and as the story continues it gets deeper.

What I said wasn't sarcasm or anything, the anime really won't go far enough to be able to see much of the world building.

Anyway, even that aside, Anos (or Anoth) alone is a good reason to make this work stand aside from other works. He is what every OP MC should be: confident.

Unlike all the OP wimpy MCs you see in other series, Anos is aware and confident about his power, and he actually acts like he's the strongest being ever (which is a fact), so it feels right for him to be OP. And this is a real breeze of fresh air when you see all these boring OP MCs acting like wimps and all, even more so when they're supposed to be old (when reincarnated).

Also the comedy is pretty nice, so that's a plus.

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About Maou Gakuin, the recent chapter did have some good material for BL fans in that apparently some reincarnated hero did come to MC who is a demon king that become young (Both of them are handsome by the way). Other than that it have the female twin as the current harem and that it have some conflict behind the demon king succession going on, and it's not isekai by the way. Didn't care much about ReZero delay here, and I did read some negative comment about Kanojo Okarishimasu so I'll pass those two. Looks like my only choice for now is keep following HealGPC here.

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