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Coronavirus discussion thread

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America is very good at smearing other countries' reputation. Well, it's to be expected when your biggest export is propaganda. It's not scientifically confirmed for covid-19 to have originated in China, there are no facts backing up that claim, yet Americans somehow managed to burden China with the reputation of causing it. Just like what they did to Mexico/Spain with the Spanish Flu, does no one remember how it started in America and yet westerners somehow managed to blame on others? The video in question of the woman eating a bat came from nearly 5 years ago, the time spans don't even match if you do your research right, but Americans and doing their research don't mix. Most Americans just readily trust whatever their Five-Eyes (Operation Earnest Voice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Earnest_Voice) media tells them. Clearly, America wants war, it is the only way they can sustain their house of cards economy by endlessly perpetuating violence in other countries. I yearn for a world where we are free from America's meddling. Every country they claim to bring "freedom" to only ends up becoming a pile of rubble. 

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