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Chaos;Head NoAH SD PC Port

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I ported Chaos;Head NoAH to PC, there is a catch though (a few, but more on that later); the game only runs at 576p. This is because the 16:9 versions of the engine the game runs on (N2) only support 1024×576 (the Xbox 360 version of the engine is the only version that runs at 1280×720), changing the internal resolution of the executable, while not technically impossible, is a task that is so hard to achieve that it might as well be. The aim of this port is to recreate the Xbox 360 version of NoAH, but on PC at 576p. We got as close as we possibly could to this goal however, there are still some minor issues because of how cursed this engine is.

I would also like to give massive thanks to DVN for helping me with this project, if it weren't for him this project would've died a long time ago.

The port is distributed in xdelta files that you apply to the original Xbox 360 files. I may make xdelta files for the PS3 version at some point in the future.







Windows Installation instructions:




-Chaos;Head NoAH Xbox 360 files

-K-Lite Codec Pack Standard, Full, Mega (K-Lite Basic won't work), or your DirectShow codec pack of choice.

-Japanese locale or a locale emulator

1. Extract NoAH_SD_Xbox_360_patch.7z

2. Copy bgm.afs, cg.npa, default.xex, dx2.afs, nss.npa, system.npa, and voice.afs from your Chaos;Head NoAH dump into wherever you extracted the files (it should be in the directory that has “xdelta-3.1.0-x86_64.exe”).

3. Run “3.Apply Patch-Windows.bat”

4. Copy the resulting files to where you want to install the game.

5. Extract all the .7z files while making sure there’s no folders nested inside of a folder with the same name (i.e. you want the folder structure to be "Install Directory\voice", not "Install Directory\voice\voice").

6. Run ChaosHeadNoAH.exe



Linux installation instructions: (coming soon)


Download link for patch files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MO5C3DVh8_MK9z-_JXIDWYcCHgDQVDHl

Quickfix for most issues that used to be present REQUIRED:

To apply this quickfix, just patch your original 360 nss.npa and bgm.afs and copy the newly generated nss.npa and sound.7z files (make sure to extract the sound.7z archive like you did in the initial install) to your NoAH SD install directory.




Known Issues:

- Some slow-moving objects stutter, this seems to be an engine issue, thus it is unfixable. This bug is most apparent during the delusion trigger selection sequence and two of the credits sequences.

Unknown Issues: If you find an issue that isn’t listed, please PM me with a screenshot and description of the issue.


For Translators/Dataminers:


The executable used for the port is Guilty Crown LostX's, so to unpack and repack the files just use nipa with the “LostX” decryption/encryption argument.
The script files are packaged inside nss.npa and can be edited with any standard text-editor that supports Shift-JIS.


I can't get past the "Press Start" screen.
Use right-click.

I can't pull up the in-game menu/pause screen.
Use right-click.

I can't back out of a menu.
Use right-click

The game crashes when I click "Start".
Verify that you have your system locale set to Japanese.

Videos don't play.
Verify that you have a codec pack installed.

How do I navigate through the TIPs?
Use Z and C to change pages in the TIPs menu.

How do I go into fullscreen?
Press "F" while you're inside a menu (e.g. pause screen, title screen, exit prompt, config menu, etc...).

How do I select a delusion?
Click on the top corners during the delusion trigger sequence.

How do I scroll down in the config menu?
Use your scrollwheel or drag the scrollbar on the side.

I would also like to apologize if this post seems amateurish, this is my first time making a proper forum thread for a project. Also, we aren't really a team so don't expect another port/release from us (this specific group of people).



Double Eyepatch – Project Leader

DVN – Massive help with scripts & testing

coltondrg? - Linux installation script writer & tester


Lesky – Tester

Enorovan – Tester

fl4t_is_justice – Tester

Davixxa – Tester

Andrew – Tester

ChrisGLink – Tester

KaitoCross – Tester

Salami – Tester


Edited by Double_Eyepatch
Clarified the necessesity of the quickfix
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It's going to be pretty funny when noah has 3 ports total after CoZ release their shit (there's a chinese port to ren'py that had the japanese put back into it floating around, though there's some annoying stuff so I probably want something more polished)

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20 minutes ago, Narko said:

You did a big mistake by choosing xbox360: this version is censored, you will have missing scenes here and there, and some of the endings are partially removed as well

Uhh no? Xbox360 is the first platform that Noah got released on, the game has no censored content and all the later versions (PS3, PSP...) are simply just other ports of it, thus Noah Xbox360 is considered the best version of the game.

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1 hour ago, dinhbinh599 said:

Uhh no? Xbox360 is the first platform that Noah got released on, the game has no censored content and all the later versions (PS3, PSP...) are simply just other ports of it, thus Noah Xbox360 is considered the best version of the game.

You are partially right I mixed xbox360 et ps3, but no, the other ports aren't the same, the xbox360 and psvita are the only one uncensored. You can check this with CoZ if you want to check this information

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On 8/5/2020 at 12:40 AM, strage said:

Can you do the same thing with ChuChu Love? Renpy port of it is awful unlikely

I would love to but Love Chu Chu runs on a completely different engine, this was only possible because the Xbox 360 version of NoAH runs on N+'s N2 engine which has all the game-specific logic scripted rather than built into the executable and also has a PC version. Love Chu Chu runs on MAGES.'s in-house engine and has essential game-specific stuff hardcoded into the executable.

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UPDATE: I made a change that fixes almost all (probably all but I'm just covering my ass here) of the sprite positions, I didn't want to reupload the entire patch package for a mere script change, so I updated the quickfix package, so now the quickfix is required for the best experience, regardless of whether it's your first time installing.

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