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Camera Anima [Steampunk/Point-and-Click Adventure/Demo Available] (Kickstarter Live)

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Heyo, I'm Sleepy from EXP-resso Mutt! I wanted to share a point-and-click steampunk horror visual novel we've been working on called "Camera Anima"! It's about twin sisters, floating islands, and a soul-stealing automaton who takes the souls of those who meet his face. If you're interested in what it looks like, check our trailer and demo link below:

Demo 3.0 HERE (Mac/PC)

Kickstarter Live HERE (Feb 15-March 16)


We recently launched on Kickstarter, if you're interested in checking it out. Other than that, we always welcome feedback and questions about the game! 


“One, two, the bell tolls late
“Three, four, don’t forget your Face
"Five, six, don’t stay out late
"Seven, eight, don’t meet his face
"Nine, ten, never wake again”

Camera Anima is a point-and-click visual novel game about twin sisters, a series of serial killings stretching across decades, and an automaton who takes the souls of those who meet its face. 

On the Floating Isles of Awyr, citizens live in a society where their livelihoods and social status are defined by the masks or “Faces” they wear. Though attitudes are slowly changing towards the Face-system, there are rumors that those who wander the streets at night without a Face become prey to the Artisan, doomed to turn up as a stylistically arranged corpse.

You take control of Essie Flaversham, whose twin sister is taken by the Artisan. Pursue the Artisan, unravel the history behind them, and save your sister before it's too late. 


  • Exploration Wheel: Using the exploration wheel, players will be able to interact with objects to Look, Interact, Use Item, and Move.
  • Interactive Environments: Explore and solve a number of levels, combining problem solving with a rich narrative.
  • Timed Events: As events occurs, determine whether it is better to wait or act.
  • 40K+ Words:  A rich narrative that includes optional texts, secrets, and bad endings.








  • Game Design and Narrative: Sleepy/Domini Gee
  • Concept, Item, and GUI Art: Erin Onufrichuk
  • Character and Background Art: George Aguirre
  • Music: BENI.MARU

Special thanks to csettdesigns for logo, Laila Aslund for cover art, and KotoriWorks for trailer. 


Thanks for stopping in! Hope you consider giving Camera Anima a try. And if you have any questions or feedback, will be happy to reply!



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We're in our last days of our Kickstarter! We end on March 16, but here's a round up of things that have happened:

  • We're currently over 50% funded!
  • We've unlocked one social media bonus: a free icon pack! We're two twitter followers away from unlocking our second social media bonus, a free short story set before the main events of the game.
  • We've had youtubers like Cryptic Hybrid and Andrea Pannocchia play our demo.
  • And we released some concept work for a character who hasn't been formally introduced yet! Which we just wanted to share below

Overall, we've had a good run so far and intend to keep going to the end! If you have a chance, please consider checking us out or signal boosting us to those who like point-and-click adventures or gentlemanly killer robots.



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