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KoiChoco Not Working

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Alright so I am not totally sure I can get help here since I am not totally sure this falls under "licensed" but I am honestly very desperate. I recently bought koichoco on DMM, yes I know it's old but I never played it and I want to first hand and not watch some play through or whatever. So I bought the game on DMM for way too much, downloaded it, got the English patch and launched it. At first I got the error in which you must rename some files so I was content, renamed them, and thought all would go well. However now the game will not launch for more than a second. My locale is JPN, I sdrt file that I was told koichoco needed, and I am even a using a VPN just in case the game is region locked, nothing works. I tried launching without English patch, same thing. Tried using different regions, same thing. Whenever I try to launch koichoco I am greeted with "NOW LOADING" for less than a second and it immediately closes. I have no idea why this happens, but of course I can't play the game if it won't launch. I very much wish I could play this game, apparently a lot of people have, I just wish I could do so as easily as everyone else seems to have played it. Please, anybody that knows something help me out.

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It is true that - legally speaking - a fan translation patch is technically against the letter of the law, but it's not against the rules to talk about such things here.  Witness the ginormous 'fan translation project' section :)

What the rules (and the mods) care about is not paying for the game.  You bought a legitimate copy from DMM.  You're fine.

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