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Extract VN text 月影のシミュラクル (.xp3 files)


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Hello there!


Me and my friends (we're about 5-6) are japanese N2+ french speakers planning to fan translate a visual novel. The problem is that we aren't too skilled in this "hacking" process.


From reading your posts, it looks like we have xp3 files to deal with (we are thinking of fan translating 月影のシミュラクル, I have both steam version http://www.mediafire.com/folder/3e3sdh6je0g5j/tsukikage, and DMM version if needed)

The problem is that, I tried to follow your guide, but we seem to encounter this error, occuring on every file :

C:\Users\User\Desktop\xp3tools-20060708\xp3tools-20060708>xp3-extract.exe C:\Users\User\Desktop\result\tsukikage\data.xp3 C:\Users\User\Desktop\result\tsukikage
Expected "#01" at position 0x17 but saw "#80".
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "xp3-extract.py", line 104, in ?
    assert (indexoffset+compsize+17 == filesize)


Can you please help us on how to make it work/ extract is for us? We are kind of serious about translating it and I can allocate more than 10 hours a week on the project for my part.


Thank you for reading!

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Ok I understand why now. I can't seem to extract when the game is either opened by steam or DMM games. Because I think there is some kind of verification in order to launch the game. As a result, I suceeded in extracting the trial version, but not the complete version. Any idea on how to get over this issue?

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Actually, I'm lost. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q68frihytyho3eq/extractData.rar/file . I'm at this. I extracted the Data.xp3 (I didn't touch data.xp3.sig) using garBro, and then extracted using Freemote, and I'm stuck at this. Did I do something wrong? And what to do next? I tried things but I can't make it work. I get an almost empty file.


Thank you for your responses btw, and sorry for late answers. I just dont know how to activate notifications when I receive a message here.


PS : I think maybe I will be able to deal it myself if I get what it's supposed to look like just before repacking.

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Still lost sorry x(
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Okay, let me tell you why I feel it's wrong. I use the txt.scn files on PsbDecompile and I get 2 files per scn file. I modify one text (I modified サエ's line : それはもう). I put everything in PsBuild and I get txt.pure.scn. I put them back in the extracted data.xp3 file. I tried renaming them txt.scn or leaving them as is, and then use garbro on the main folder and create an archive. I get a file "data.xp3" (which is good), but it's very small (<1ko). I don't really know what I am doing wrong lol.

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Well, I wasted at least 30 hours and still don't even manage to repack my game without modifying anything. I'm stuck and my friends are about to give up because it takes too long. I feel like I tried everything.

Thank you for your help and all, but it looks like I am too clumsy to be allowed to translate my favorite games, huh?

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After spending yet ANOTHER 10 hours on it, I finally made it to work! So that no one else has to suffer from it, I explain it here :


Take ALL THE FILES from the .xp3 archive.

Put them in a folder.

Take one of the .scn files.

Put them in FreeMote Toolkit.


Drag-Drop your scn on PsbDecompile.

Modify one line in your .json. 

Drag-Drop your .json in PsBuild.exe.

Pick the .pure.json, put it in the original expanded .xp3 folder.

Replace .pure.json's title with simply .json .

Select all the files in the folder with Garbro, NOT THE MAIN FOLDER.

Select "Archive", with all boxes ticked. For the file, SELECT THE ORIGINAL .xp3 FILE. (It wasn't working for me if I simply made a new .xp3 file)

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Hi Unlimited,

I am currently going through the same .XP3 hell as you did.

As someone with more experience in the field, and someone who managed to emerge successful from it, could you give me a step by step guide how to extract the contents of the .xp3 files, what programs to use and how to repack the modified files back together?

Much appreciated

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