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Trying to remember a VN

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This is gonna be a long shot because I never actually read this thing. I only saw a CG set a few years ago. The traits that I can remember are:

- Likely an older VN from between 2000 and 2010

- EDIT: Likely not translated

- Seemed very lighthearted and comedic in tone

- I think the setting kept changing from like fantasy to pirates to sci fi and whatnot.

- The above possibly implies an episodic story

- At either the beginning or the end of a shift in setting, the characters would always be lined up and kneeling on the ground. Same pose every time.

- The above mentioned characters may or may not have increased with each shift in setting. E.g 1 character kneeling for the first setting, 2 characters kneeling for the second, and so on.


Like I said, it's a long shot but I've been trying to find it for a few days with no luck. If any of this rings a bell for anyone, I'd be most appreciative.

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5 hours ago, onorub said:

The setting changes you describe remind me of Galaxy Angel and Yumina the Ethereal, but it's probably neither of those because i don't remember those kneeling CGs on them.

Neither of those two, unfortunately. I guess I should have also mentioned that it's probably not translated.

1 hour ago, Stormwolf said:

Sure you're not mixing memories?

Not really lol. The only characteristic I'm sure of is that series of kneeling CG but that's not something I can really search for.

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I found it y'all. It's a weird looking nukige called Daibubokan ~Oshioki da Game~. Incidentally I already had it on my VNDB wishlist. I went through my wishlist before making this thread but I was banking on the VNDB page having screenshots of those distinctive kneeling CGs. Alas, the page has no screenshots at all so I missed it. Anyway, here's a few of those kneeling CGs:



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