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Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

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I see no point in being ashamed of liking hentai scenes or playing eroges in general. Its pretty human to be lustful and seek avenues to satisfy said lustful desires, as long no one is harmed along the way except you that is. :nokia:

In fact I like hentai animated scenes found on Imouto Paradise and eroges made by Zyx and softhouse-seal or anything that is animated! :mare:

One primary why westerners are reluctant to express their interests  in hentai or visual novels, eroges in general is because of their Judeo-Christian influences and doctrines. believing embracing sex or other sensual actives of the flesh simply for its pleasurable nature than procreating is deserving of contempt and humiliation. I don't really want to include religion nevertheless its part of the reason why... 

By the God's! We're already involving ourselves into questionable content that crosses the red thin line. just imagine all those lolis and underage girls the MCs are fucking in the eroges that we play/read.... 

Why not just accept who we really are. Embrace that darkness within :sachi: 

Who gives a damn what other's or society in general thinks of our hobbies, if you find happiness in visual novels/eroges, that's all that matters. everything else is irrelevant...  


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I have a bit of a complex feeling about them. In reality, it sometimes raises my interest score in a VN sometimes (of course, that's just a bit of a lust going on, I'm fine with VNs with no H-scenes), though I literally never jacked off to them (or to anything), because I would feel ashamed for a life and also because I differentate reality and fiction. For me, H-scenes can be enjoyable as erotic eye candy and because it's a next step in romance that animes, mangas, etc. just skip through when they should not. It's mostly the satisfication that I want from them, to see the one the MC goes out with actually together and not just watch the awkwardness as they're trying to get together. Hentai doesn't sit well with me, since the story is mediocre in every one of them, even in those that are said to be better and you barely get to know the characters, in VNs, it's like watching a very long interactive anime with hentai scenes here and there, but not as a focus, it just feels like the perfect combination.

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