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I hope i put this thread in the right place.

Anyway i just wanted to get some information if there is any translation of Virgin Road in progress or not so i know if there's still hope for me to see it.

I could read it if hiroshi was voiced too since i can understand japanese just can't read or write it the monologes would be a problem tho.

Appreciate any info in advance and sry if i put this in the wrong place.

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Like Ange said, Trip didn't like Maki when he translate her route, so the chance for him to pick the fandisc is very miniscule as of now. Also as of Tsurezure (Trip's group) did translate Ginharu, and so far there's no other team who translate Virgin Road so the answer for you question here is 'There is no Virgin Road translation project as of now'.

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7 hours ago, Stormwolf said:

Hmm.. How often do you like every heroines? That's not very often

Well i really really liked Rena and Ai as for Maki i didnt hate it but cant say i loved it either.

The reason i want to read the virgin road is cuz im really interested what happens with Rena and Ai I heard that their afterstories are supposedly pretty good and the bonus characters i think could be pretty good besides i love the humor in that VN.

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