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Nekonyan's Secret Projects Announcements (Including Dracu Riot)

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1 hour ago, novurdim said:

When chuee was talking about the announcement that almost everyone will like, I expected a bit more than Kinkoi. Oh well. Maybe it's a sign that some of the older most famous SAGA PLANETS VNs can someday be localised too.

If KinKoi sells well.. there is a pretty high chance that other Saga P VNs may get localized.. is what they said..from other VNs to KinKoi fandisk etc..


Also KinKoi was the most highly requested Title (right behind Riddle Joker ) on discord and NN forums and also on twitch..so i have no doubt it would sell well...

It is also a very popular title among the Chinese VN audience.. as stated by Chinese users on discord.. 

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So they got some interesting announcements I see. I'll try to talk more about those announcements later, but if I need to say which announcement that interest me the most it would be Clover Days. For Kirikoi and Riddle Joker, I guess it could be at the second place (I don't know which one that I look forward the most for now, although I probably favored Kirikoi). I only know that IxSheTell is probably just a very lighthearted moege that was not quite well received, so I'm probably not took my interest to it. For Dracu Riot, like I say it's a redundant one to me but I know that there's some people who still want the full version and looking forward to it, so congratulation for Nekonyan to finally manage to get Dracu Riot.

tldr - My rank for my interest on Nekonyan's announcements here would be Clover Days, following with Kirikoi, Riddle Joker, IxSheTell, and lastly Dracu Riot.

PS - I know that Kirikoi here is a meme title of Kin'iro Loveriche, but I figure that I should keep that naming here for me at least XDD.

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Oh, I think it's Kinkoi, not Kirikoi, as noted in first post?


I am so happy to see such games, wow.

They even did English sites like original. That's incredible!

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About Kin'iro Loveriche nickname, yeah I know the official nickname for that is Kinkoi. As for Kirikoi, it's the meme nickname for Kin'iro Loveriche. I know that I should use the official one here, but I decided to use meme nickname here anyway for a certain reason.

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