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Spring Anime List of 2020

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Love-come 3

Kaguya-sama 2

SAO Alicization 3

Maou Gakuin



Honzuki 2

Jashin-chan 2

Vlad Love

Kingdom 3

Mostly junk isekai, isekai comedy, and sequels.  Most of the rest doesn't interest me at all. 

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Kaguya-sama S2 - Huh, I just finished watching the first season. Looking forward to the sequel!

Re:Zero S2 - More Rem please!

Shironeko Project - So far this is the only non-sequel I'm interested in. It's a non-isekai action fantasy with pleasant visuals and character designs, and it looks like it could go somewhere. Not terribly enthusiastic about the director, but at least he's not bad. Given my love for fantasy in general, I'll be happy if this anime is just half-decent.

Edit: I should also mention that Taku Iwasaki is going to be composing for Shironeko Project. If nothing else goes right, at least his music will add a lot to this series.


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