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Hi Can somebody help me translate this Chinese Novel stage to English

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武者前五重境界:武士镜、武徒境、武师镜、武宗镜、武王镜,武尊,神武镜 帝王镜
灵者前四重境界:灵士镜、灵师镜、灵宗镜、灵王镜 ,灵圣

Please Help me translate this

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Well I suppose there's some typos here. 镜 ("mirror") should be 境 ("boundary, state") here.

As for the translation, I'm not familiar with Chinese fantasy stuff, but I tried a bit:


Previous Five States of a Martial (Martial Arts or Wu, Wushu) Person: State of Warrior, State of Martial Desciple, State of Martial Mentor, State of Martial Master, State of Martial King, State of Martial Supreme, State of Godlikeness, State of Empror

Previous Four States of a Spiritual Person: State of Spiritual Disciple, State of Spiritual Mentor, State of Spiritual Master, State of Spiritual King, Spiritual Hallow

But why "previous"?

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