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Cybernetic Hi-School Version 2.0 (PC-98)

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Cybernetic Hi-School Version 2.0 (PC-98) VNDB

This is a quiz game with otaku-related questions and stripping girls. It made an appearance in "Otaku no Video" OVA of the same company that made the game - Gainax. Also famous for scandal lawsuit after which game makers started to censor public hair.


Hacking done. Translation mostly by google translate with some minor editing.

Help wanted

English isn't my native tongue, translation is mostly machine and awful. If you will to edit or re-translate text, contact me.

Texts, tools: https://gist.github.com/Tachiorz/a5480e8a3b3bfa54b829eeb0600016ad


http://mabinogi.pp.ua/Cybernetic Hi-School Version 2.0 EN patch.7z Use on images from NeoKobe archive.

Cheat. Any answer is correct: hex edit disk image A  "3B 06 0E 61 75 10" -> "3B 06 0E 61 90 90"

Edited by tachiorz

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