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Winter 2020 Anime Discussion

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So, technically the new anime season has already started. What shows are you planning to watch?

As for me, I'm interested in the new season for Re;Zero, though I'm not really interested in watching it weekly, so I'll just binge-watch it when it close to the finish. Other than that, I don't really see anything particularly interesting. What about you?

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Nothing really good this time around, except continuing series.  Re;Zero is my most hated isekai (except for the oni girls), so I don't care if it gets cancelled, lol. 

Probably Plunderer, Kyokou Suiri and Dorohedoro.  If that was possible, the number of anime I'm interested in has actually decreased as this season has gotten closer. 

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First Re;Zero was so nerve-wracking for me that I don't think I'll risk watching the second season. I also still utterly hate Subaru, for me he's an unholy hybrid of a complete loser and Gary Stu, circulating between the two depending on what the plot requires.

The Madoka spin-off looks cool, but I didn't see the original yet... I'll probably watch Infinite Dendrogram, because who doesn't need more SAO wannabes in their lives. :nico:Rikekoi could be fun for me, as it has the elements I generally like in RomComs (clear main couple and lot of interactions between them), but it also looks like a much poorer version of Kaguya-sama and might end up being obnoxious AF. Not sure about anything else yet...

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Got around to watching Railgun, Somali, and Hanako-kun, and so far I'm not too disappointed.

I do feel Hanako-kun needs work on its atmosphere; I'm not really getting the same creepy vibes I got from the trailer. There's not much else to compliment Ogata's voice acting, so it feels kinda flat for the most part. I think I'll keep watching this.

Somali has just about everything I loved in Uchinoko, and then some. The art and music are both well done and greatly enhance the atmosphere. The anime showcases Somali's playfulness really well, especially when it's held in contrast to the golem's quiet stoicism. While there was a minor error in one of the scenes, I do enjoy the subtlety with which the anime tells its story. What I really appreciate about this anime is that it doesn't forcefeed small details through cheap dialogue and just lets everything unravel organically, and I quite like this format of storytelling. I think the idea of the girl being the last of the human race is a rather interesting twist on traditional lore, and it seems that the anime is building something on it already. It's only the first episode, but it's already given me much to look forward to.

Oh, and Somali herself is just precious. She makes me wish I was a father.






^ This monster cat is getting pwned by a loli.

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Well I'll try to comment I Hate Pain later, and probably I'll binge it. As for HealGPC I think the writing is easier to understand for some people compared to MGPC or STPC, though it's still too early to judge though seeing that Precure have average ~49 episodes. For now I just hope that the writer can keep her good writing here.

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Interesting how dead it is this season. :> I actually didn't watch anything for over a month, but having no energy to do anything useful inspired me to start catching up on Darwin's Game... Highly entertaining trash, I have to say. Reminds me of Hand Shakers in the overall idea, with a tiny bit of Gantz on top of it (kind of "Augmented Reality" battle Royal with BS rules and BS powers, but happening in real world). So far, it showed some creative scenarios and a lot of dumb violence. Just what I was looking for. ^_^

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