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Marco & the Galaxy Dragon (Release 28 February, 2020)

Formlose Gestalt

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Marco and the Galaxy Dragon

Hobibox and Tokyotoon  have uploaded an english demo for the upcoming VN to Steam.

Steam link:



The VN is set to release 28 February 2020. And this is worldwide release date.

Tokyotoon seems to be a spinoff of Harukaze known for there Noratoto games. The character designer seems to be the same as in Noratoto and this time it is an All Age release so there is no censorship.

From what I have seen from the demo the budget is pretty high, with tons of CGs and even anime cutscenes (even though they are SD).

I am not the best to judge the translation quality, but since there is an option to turn on Japanese subtitles (or have both at the same time), people that know Japanese can take a look at it.

But the story is pretty crazy with a girl that gets kidnaped by aliens, to become intergalatic treasure hunter and return to earth. It's pretty over the top.



Just wanted to to share this here. I think it could be an interesting title, even though it is not really my type of humor.


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seems like dmm is pretty much bend on turning into galge overlord these days, cant complain since i´ve really enjoyed the recent lineup of theirs, both coming to originality and quality as well. still bummed one of their best ones got axed by steam, but oh well.

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1 hour ago, Mr Poltroon said:

Found this thread for some details on the game experience itself:

As for the actual English translation, still no idea on its quality.

That Twitter thread is great at showing off so how much CGs there are. At first I thought the game didn't even have the classic sprite + background structure because it just throws a new CG at you every few lines. The anime cutscenes are pretty nice too. The style is a pretty stark contrast but they are pretty nice change. (Like with the ingame cutscenes of Tokyo Necro during the prologue.)

And I really appreciate the worldwide simultaneous release. That deserves praise in my opinion.

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