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So, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I would like to translate a visual novel (not the language but getting into the system and changing the characters and such, those sort of things...) - I was wondering if there was any tutorials out there.


(It's pretty illegal so i doubt there'll be any tutorials out there but it would be nice to know how to do it. Would love to part in translating a visual novel during my holiday I don't have college :D)


Any help or sources would be grateful!!



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Of course it is NOT illegal.

Process is simple,

1. you pick VN you want to translate

2. you find someone to extract the scripts (this process is called "hacking the VN", together with insertion)

3. you translate, check the translation and edit it to better sounding English (alone or in a team of translators and editors)

4. you find someone to put the scripts back into the game



As for hacking, there is plenty of tutorials out there, as well as tons of useful extraction software, but its mostly only usable for older games (3+ years), newer titles often have some game specific encryption and are pain to hack and insert the script back, so without having any experience with such things, you are not likely to extract it yourself and you will need someone experienced (we have people like that here on Fuwanovel, who even offer hosting of such translation project etc).



Other alternative how to help with translation of VNs is joining existing team for VN of your liking, they most likely already have the scripts extracted and you would just follow simple guidelines as a translator and wouldn't have to worry about the technical stuff.

There is plenty of projects looking for people here on the forums so if you browse the Fan TL section on this forum, you could find a team you would like to join.

You can for example join my team for Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart , currently we need mostly H-scene translator but there is still plenty of normal translation needed as well.



So hope it helps, if you want some specific VN nobody is working on, you can even put together a team and do it that way, or you can just ask someone for help with hacking if you want to solo translate that project. Good start would be making a topic specific to the project in the mentioned fan tl section.

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Hi, Maybe a good place to start is to study the work of other VN translation hackers:





Yep, these are the most common hacking tools but as I mentioned it will most likely not work with newer games (I think from about last 6 games from 2013 I tried to hack I managed to hack only single one).

So I think the first step should be choosing what game you want to TL and then learning what tools you need and how to use them or deciding if you want to actually rather use the help of some of the hacker groups (like REtrans) and only focus on the translation itself.

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Thanks for all the comments! I've got college and a part-time job but it would be nice to do all of those things!! :D


Hopefully once I get into uni I would like to apply for a course in learning japanese.

All these comments have been really helpful and would definitely check the links out.


Again THANKS everyone!!! 

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