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VN with strong heroines/smart mc

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To some extent, the one below



Protagonist is highly intelligent and ambitious in the one below, but only one of the heroines is the 'muscle' type.


The one below is one where the protag is a mentor to a competitor/fighter



Edit: To clarify somewhat, HHG is the game I find to be the closest.  However, no company does games specifically the way Minato Soft did Majikoi, so you won't find any exact analogues. 

I recommended Tamayura Mirai because the protagonist is a wise/intelligent guy who guides the often more generally capable heroines (with the exception of his 'older sister').  Technically, all the ones but the true heroine are more powerful than him, but they still depend on his knowledge and wisdom.

Tiny Dungeon as a series is somewhat closer to what you are looking for.  In Tiny Dungeon, an intelligent and determined protagonist earns the respect of a large group of extremely powerful heroines (I would put any of the three main heroines up against Momoyo, at least for a brief time).

Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu I recommended because the protagonist is an intelligent type and two of the heroines are capable on their own (though Alice is scary intelligent herself, whereas the kendo girl has a somewhat blinkered personality)

Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha involves a weaponsmith serving as a tutor for several competitors in the Jindou competition, which involves using tech-enhanced mystical blades to fight one another in a duel. 

Kimikishi is perhaps the odd duck in this group.  It is a plotge centering around an odd competition between 'knights' secretly drawn from local schools.  The protagonist is his team's leader and strategist, though he isn't necessarily the most powerful.


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