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Most obscure VN you'd like to see translated?


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Doesn't even matter if it's that great or not, all that matters is that is the most obscure title that you can think of that would be interesting to see translated.

For me it's this otome called Getsuei no Kusari. It doesn't have amazing VNDB ratings and it's probably never gonna be translated due to it not having a pc version, but from that i saw on reviews it's a very depressing game where you can turn the protagonist into a yandere at the end of the routes.

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This thread has last seen activity in Dec 2019 so forgive me. I wanted to chime in.

I remember seeing a visual novel that was about MMORPGs or something like that.

I don't remember how it is called but it looked really good and I wish there was an English translation. I believe it was translated to Chinese.

I'd really, really like to see a translation of Kintouka (https://vndb.org/v13882)

I have no clue if this is any good but judging by the ratings, it is. Kintouka seems like a fairly normal yaoi story for once. The art style is beautiful as well.

There's a lot of boys' love that is extreme, and I'm not always in the mood for that so it would be a nice change of pace.

Comic Party (https://vndb.org/v177)  is another one that was never translated. I have never read it but I read a review praising the game eons ago.

The concept itself is rather interesting - the MC is a doujinshi creator. There are manga, anime and other visual novels with the same idea but I bet that in 1999 when this was conceived it was fresh.

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I'd like a translation of Kodoku no Yurikago, a denpage obscure enough to not have had a vndb page until.... just recently, oh well, I was going to style on you by linking the jp dlsite page but whatever. I added some screenshots! I stalled it partway through because I have chronic stalling disorder. From what I've read it's a mindfuck with a distinctly unreliable narrator that had a terrible incident in his past which haunts him to this day. A lot of the story is told through non-chronologically ordered (dates shown in binary code half the time...) flashbacks that reveal what could have caused the incident, what it was, and what might be happening to him now. Also lots of nausea and depression and hating everything. The non-recollection part of the plot seems to be centered on protag-kun meeting a girl that triggers him immensely just by being around, to the point where the story goes entirely off the rails and whoops a lamp post is telling him about how science can only really remark on past events - the future is only predictions, and were the laws of the world to change entirely one day all science could do would be to record the new rules.

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8 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

There's this one, but, from what I know, it's pretty popular and far from being obscure. I don't know, there may be some other VN like that.

That wasn't it. That one looks good though. It will probably be translated if it's popular.

Not obscure at all, but I wish KimiKiss was translated too. https://vndb.org/v1187

I didn't know about Rui wa Tomo o Yobu. Add that one to the list ;)


I'd make a case for otomege but I don't know which ones are good and which ones aren't. There should just be more of them in English.

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Devils Devel Concept


I've played most of it, but I would love to play it in English since I know there was stuff lost in translation with my limited Japanese literacy, especially the lore drops. Plus I really want to enjoy Mutsuki's route (and the Nanagi twins as a nice bonus) again, this time in a language I fully understand.

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Well the obscure term here is quite subjective, so any title here would be qualified and therefore would be very wide. Still I did have some VNs in mind though, so let me try here.

  1. Hatsukoi Sankaime - I did play Indonesian translation and it's serviceable even though it did have some flaw in regard of the translation. Of course I know that nobody would motivated to learn Indonesian language just to read this VN (Although if someone do it then I appreciate it), so I hope that there'll be English translation just for this VN. I wonder though if Sol Press would license this as well, although looking at their backlog might be too much for them to pick this.
  2. Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni - Since this is 2007 VN, it mean that almost nobody would expect this to be translated. Still it got some 2D animation and it's quite good, so hopefully somebody would interested to translate this. As for the company who could translate this, well either Mangagamer or Sekai should do since Purple Software like to work between two companies.
  3. Suzukaze no Melt - May as well recommend it once again here, seeing that it rarely got attention of because Sekai was more interested to license catgirl ninja moege trilogy from the same developer (Nekonin) instead of this. I did read from Joyjason's review that the after story for this is very interesting, so I would like to read it if possible.
  4. Natsu no Ame - I did recommend this specifically because my dorm mate did play this back at 2011, so yeah I admit that it's for nostalgia here.
  5. Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~ - I know that this is a nukige and it's from Empress as well which as we know is the company behind Starless which is quite disturbing, but since it have female MC which is a rarity in this kind of VN why not. Besides usually the VNs from this company (Extends to both of Bible Black and Discipline) are usually have weak male MC, so it should be refreshing to have female MC here even though she might be as weak as the male MC. Sei Soujo art here should be a plus, seeing that usually people point that it's quite good.

That's all for my wish here, although I know that it might be hard to get those being translated here. I don't know though if the examples are obscure enough or not, but at least I know that it's less known here.

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