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I just finished it, and my overall opinion on Baldr Sky is that it's good, but not great.

Generally the the VN got better is it went on route-wise, outside a couple. 

150+hours jeez, though it includes Survival, Music, and H modes.

Setting was pretty cool. Music was fine with a few stand out songs. Gameplay was cool, grinding was annoying but having ideal build makes things more fun. Characters were generally likable and interesting but none I'd personally put on a top favorites list.

Biggest issue was definitely the repetitive nature of the storytelling. Yes it ultimately made sense , but given the length of both Dives, I think they either should've made the routes stand out more by giving more unique scenes OR just cut down the length by like 1/3 or even 1/4

That said, for a VN its length it's paced decently well. Gameplay taking over action scenes helped since I'm not usually a fan of how action is written in VNs. It does tends to keep you on your toes and even makes the slice of life/slower scenes fun.

Route Rankings:

6 > 5 > 3> R > 2 > 1 > 4

  • 6 is the mother of twists
  • 5 is generally feel good and cool
  • 3 nice development
  • R new stuff was interesting
  • 2 few cool moments
  • 1 could've been better with less flashbacks
  • 4 could've been better in various ways.

Character rankings:

  • 1/2) Nanoha or Sora) Nanoha is the character most my type, Sora is generally very interesting
  • 3) Makoto) gets way more interesting later
  • 4) Chinatsu) developed well
  • 5) Rain) very consistent
  • 6) Aki) Likable with bad romance

Other notes:

  • Fully voice = really good
  • Kou gets the job done I suppose
  • Masa not being a loser was nice
  • Naoki coulda been one of my favs if not for certain twists
  • Villains were a little too hammy to be taken seriously sometimes. Gilbert, Gregory, Anan, and true villain.

Overall 8/10. Definitely a solid VN series as long as you don't mind its length, gameplay, and want a sci-fi multi-route mystery taken to its meta limits.

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On 1/14/2021 at 8:59 PM, Plg said:

I was wondering when the H-scene would start ?

Because I just finished the NPC chapter (5) and I can't see any piece of H. 

I patched the game at the very beginning but I am not sure it worked properly now...


Thanks for your help.

It starts at chapter 7 and closer to the end, there will also be a complete H-scenes wiyh the route heroine. 

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