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Filling out the Ara Ara trait on VNDB

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A few months ago someone on VNDB convinced the mods to resurrect the previously rejected Ara Ara speech pattern trait. I thought that was a cool trait to be able to be able to add to characters. However, since it’s resurrection only a handful of characters have been tagged, and underused tags/traits tend to get nuked after a while. I personally don’t want to see that happen to this trait in particular so I would like to ask you all to do a quick brainstorm for characters who say Ara Ara and tag them with the trait.


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6 hours ago, Seraphim88 said:

I don't have authority to edit the info, unfortunately. Dunno what the prerequisites are for that.

Other databases I contribute to do have points systems that allow you to work up to being able edit things, but as far as I know. VNDB isn’t like that. I don’t have that many edits but my account is still able to edit basically everything I want to edit.

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