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MajiKoi A Hound After Release Details are up on their Website. Translated by @ngnljibril on Twitter.

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Don't have much to say on the game, but I just have to take the chance to use it as a case in point to a general question I have.

How badly are VNs misrepresenting naming conventions of your countries?

Going to elaborate a bit on this:

I'm german and I had to notice over time, that characters in VNs, or rather in any japanese media, tend to be named more german than any german is.

In german you can combine most nouns to make ridiculously long words such as Arbeiterunfallversicherungsgesetz, which roughly means law about insurance concerning work related accidents. In that respect last names are mostly represented okay, they are usually based on professions or places, Kohlschreiber is the most unusal construct here as it would translate to something like cabbage writer, even in an extended sense I can't connect this to anything.

However the first names are often names you would only expect to encounter when you meet people 60+ or not anymore at all.

Margit, Fine, (based on Josefine, both are almost never used) and Siegrun (Actually Sigrun, which is based on a rune that was later used by the nazis, barely used anymore for obvious reasons) are all names you wouldn't expect to encouter or that would make you actually pause for a second in bewilderment. (At least when encountering someone under 60)

This actually has a negative effect on the reading experience for me sometimes, anybody else having similar experiences?

Sorry if I'm derailing this.

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I mean, I'm all for more Majikoi in any shape or form, so I'm happy about this.

Seems like they've upped their artwork too, they have had time to do so though, so no real surprise. Now if I could only read A-5... (Still awaiting translations for A-3, A4, etc)

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7 hours ago, mitchhamilton said:

...i just realized, i thought i was done with majikoi. i read them all. the original, S, the fan disks, all 5 of them and the bonus fan disk... my momoyo pic was a badge of honor for me for completing every single one of them... wtf?!

This will never end, prepare yourself for the fan disc of the fan disc :meguface: (Well, i'm all for it tbh) 

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So until when Minatosoft want to milk Majikoi dry? Will we have another Majikoi mobage here? Will Minatosoft hire a very well known seiyuu so much that they can't license it if they want to release it overseas?

For my thought here, I can only say that every Majikoi VN after the original are pretty much just the fandiscs (Yes including S), which to be fair it's easier to treat it like that because there's almost no continuity between original and S (Even more compared to Grisaia). Moreso if we remember that S was supposed to be the fandisc before Minatosoft upped the status into sequel, and that half of the route are the after stories. As for the announcement, good for Majikoi hardcore fans I guess.

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