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Need help to remember a title

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I watched a anime long time ago and I want to watch it again, since I never finished watch the anime.

But I can't remember title only part what it's about. 

I hope someone can help me and know what anime I'm talking about.

First of it's kids anime with magical girls.

I remember it's 3 girls and one of girls have pink hair, she hear a baby crying and 2 other girls hear baby crying 2, anime have clock tower and 2 other girls have yellow or orange hair and other have blue hair.  Pink hair girl save baby on beach and transform. 

That's all I remember, sorry I couldn't remember more and I was not specific.

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No it's not that, it's part of Pretty PreCure serie and i remember one more ting, one adult are pregnant and give birth later in serie, I don't remember it was mother to one of girls or just a friend and start of serie, pink hair girl accidentally cut her bangs and she have a little sister.

"Forget it, I found anime, I was talking about Hugtto Precure" 

Admin can delete this thread.

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Found anime, I was talking about.

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It's always nice to see more PreCure fellow fan describe the series, and this time it's HugPC. And the pregnant part here is a giveaway, because so far only HugPC that cover the giving birth scene. For HugPC here there's many thing to name such as we finally have Yukari Tamura voicing a Precure (Only 8 years late after Nana Mizuki), the theme is the future and time travel, and that the main attraction is the crossover episode which supposed to be so-called movie promotion episode (HugPC 36-37).

As for the reason why I say so-called movie promotion, it's because those episode is actually too epic and too good that not only it overshadowed the series, but also the movie (Precure All Star Memories) as well that was supposed to be the main attraction here which to say wouldn't be acceptable (At least STPC here toned down the promotion movie episode here). Also series crossover here is not good, because it could steal the attention from the current cure (ie HugPC) and more importantly would cause the confusion for the new watcher. I remember that I'm very surprised to see FwPC in HugPC 21 image board that was called by Hugtan (The baby), and since then I sort of lost hope on it follow it along with disliking Hugtan a bit. By the way while FwPC battle is still very good just like in the original series, I think it would be more prefferable if I can see it from HugPC instead.

That above is my opinion on crossover episode, so if you like crossover episode then it's fine. Also actually the so-called crossover Precure all star movie (All Star Memories) is fine if we look at the graphic, only that the staffs didn't do much effort to make it as epic as the crossover episode (Especially HugPC 37).

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Yes i love PreCure serie very much, it's my favorite anime and i love Hugtan very much, she it's so adorable and beautiful.

I love friendship and teamwork in Glitter Force and HugPC.

I feel it's more friendship in Glitter Fore since girls treat each other as family and I love girls friendship towards Candy. 

That it's why I love PreCure serie since it's about Friendship, Teamwork and Family.

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