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VN with an autistic protagonist/heroine?

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Seconding katawa shoujo for heroine; also there is an autistic heroine in Swan Song but it's not really a character route romance game if you want that.
You could make a case for Rin from Little Busters. There's also this, but god knows I haven't finished reading it and maybe my headcanon is wrong, plus you're probably a pleb so rip https://vndb.org/v10763.

For protagonists the protag in the book Blindsight comes immediately to mind but that's not a vn www

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As a serious answer:


Cross Channel (protagonist is not autistic - he is something else - , but one of the heroines is)

Grisaia no Kajitsu (Makina)

Shuffle (Primula)


Devils Devel Concept (Mei, though all the heroines are a bit 'off')

Futagoza no Paradox (Tesla)

Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (Tonoko)

Yurikago yori Tenshi Made (Aria and Ume)

Semiramis no Tenbin (Fumika, also my second favorite heroine in this game... has the single best line in the game as well)

Natsuiro Recipe (Yuzu and the protagonist, to some extent show mild symptoms)

Sakura Nikagetsu (some of the heroines show signs of autism, but considering the theme of the story is the protagonist 'fixing' them, this might be offensive, lol)

Abyss Homicide Club (protagonist.  I'm uncertain to which degree this quality is native to him and how much is his experiences and psychological problems, but he does show the signs on a regular basis)

Para-sol (Miu)

Yoru Meguru, Bokura no Maigo Kyoushitsu (Kina is a very straightforward autistic girl who almost tips into Downs Syndrome areas)

Edit:  Keep in mind, none of these characters are openly diagnosed as autistic by a doctor, call themselves, or are indicated by others to be autistic.  Rather, I'm essentially using the qualities of 'low social intelligence, inability or fundamental unwillingness to adapt to changing social situations, etc'.  I also draw the line where I think the condition was created by circumstance.  Tbh, I had to cut this list down by about thirty titles because I concluded the heroines and/or protagonists in question simply displayed surface qualities or became that way due to circumstance and/or experience. 


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