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Alice Soft 30th Anniversary

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Alice Soft was founded in 1989 and in their time as a studio they've produced a metric boatload of titles, of which, the most notable to this forum seem to be the Rance games and the Evenicle games. To celebrate DMM is doing a bunch of promotions for Alice Soft titles:

- 43 Alice Soft titles are 50% off

- They're doing three different rounds of 5 titles for 5,500 yen, with the eligible titles changing each round

- Sound tracks are on sale

- A few titles got added to DMM's month-long rental system

- There's some free wallpapers


I've actually never really played any Alice Soft VNs and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I plan to do at least two of the 5 for 5,500, if not all three. Do I just go Rance all the way? Should I throw both Evenicle games in there? What are the best Alice Soft titles to snag?

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and to think they wouldve gone under if it wasnt for kichikuou rance. the company i believed filed for bankruptcy and was about to go under. so for what looked like to be their last game they just said "fuck it!" and did a what if in their rance vn. the vn went on to break records and was highly praised and stands at the top of the top of visual novels. some citing it as the best vn in the last few decades. good for you, alice soft. you hang in there.

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