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Grisaia Switch Release

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The switch release of the Grisaia trilogy is now available (at least if your timezone is EST, not quite sure how the switch handles game unlocks.)  As a heads up for potential buyers, especially people who've already read the series, it starts with only GnK available and the other novels appear as locked options.  I'm not sure whether or not it will require completion of all routes or just one route to progress to the next novel.  Also, as far as I can tell, there's only one main title screen (it mimics GnK's title screen) and selecting a specific novel seems to drop you right into the novel without bringing you to that novel's title screen.  If you were on the fence about whether to purchase this release or just reread your PC copies, these are some factors to keep in mind.

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Well good for Switch player in that they didn't need to wait for two years in order to play Rakuen after seeing infamous Meikyuu cliffhanger ending, although if you didn't have plan to reread the trilogy on TV you wouldn't care much about the release anyway (Moreso if you didn't own Switch here). Other than that, looking from Noraneko I guess the censorship wouldn't be heavy here seeing that Nintendo did have slightly more lax censorship rule (I may be very wrong on this).

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So at first glance here's how it appears that unlocks work:

Bad Ends have no bearing on unlocks.

Completing each character route in GnK unlocks their respective afterstory from GnM as well as the short stories from GnM that are focused on them.

Completing any one character route in GnK unlocks GnY.

Completing any two character routes in GnK unlocks the Cocoon of Caprice from GnM.

Completing all five character routes from GnK unlocks the Prologue from GnR.

Completing the Cocoon of Caprice from GnM unlocks the Seed of Blanc Aile from GnR as well as GnZ and GnS.

Completing the Seed of Blanc Aile from GnR unlocks Eden Afterstory (it will be available as the last option in the short stories section).


If anyone can confirm or correct my observations, please let me know.


Additional points worth noting:

There are only 200 save slots and they're shared between all the novels.

GnK's chapter "Mystery Yumiko Theater" is available through chapter select after reading it.  All official PC releases of GnK don't have this chapter available in chapter select.

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