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How much do you play VN a day/a week?


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Really depends on the day, if i just bought a new book or game i usually don't play at all.

But usually on workdays i play 2-3 hours (split between VNs, games and books) depending on what i feel like on weekends with bad weather make that up to 15 hours depending if i feel like cooking or making a cake again.

If the weather is good however it's only 3-4 hours because go hiking whenever i get the chance.

So it can vary between 0 and 45 hours per week.

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Imagine not being addicted to gacha games and actually having time to play VIsual Novels as a result [sobs]

No, but seriously though. Visual novels are kinda like books to me, so I tend to play them "if I'm in the mood for it"----which isn't that often, sadly. Love VNs, just not able to concentrate on them as much as I wish I could. This forum has been remotivating me to get back into them properly, though!

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