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Shinobi Harisenbo (otomege, full patch released)


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The Harisenbois are delighted to present you with a full patch for Shinobi Harisenbo, a short otomege about a princess and her loyal shinobi (tl note: ninja) set in the Sengoku Era. Beset by an apparition that will kill her if she speaks untruth, can our princess at last tell her shinobi how she really feels?

More info & download links here: https://memeshii.home.blog/2019/11/01/shinobi-harisenbo-complete-english-patch-release/

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The Zaka you knew never existed

Zaka completed his script in Maki Fes on time

Zaka worked on several doujinshi that actually got released


Besides, judging by the vndb scores I think I accidentally dunked on a lot of EOPs (with shit taste) by translating fly so it's all good

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