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Texthooking issue, ITHVNR, ITH

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So I'm having this issue with ITH and ITHVNR, it can't read the text properly out of waffle published game or games run by this engine. 

As you can see, the text is incomplete and wrong. The other options also get similar result.

Is it an issue with ITH or am I doing something wrong? I read some VN by romaji before as I'm fluent in speaking but if I can't extract the text, I can't run it through translation aggregator to get the romaji in the first place. 

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On 10/30/2019 at 7:43 PM, sanahtlig said:

Try this H-code.  I found it by searching the game's JP name on Google: "母三人とアナあそび agth".


Thnaks man that worked. I guess I can search for the other ones the same way.

You can always rely on the Chinese when it comes to anything.

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