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"Under the same roof" comedies

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 Hello my fellow degenerates. I've been lurking here for a long ass time now and decided to make an account.

So, as the title says i'm looking for comedy VNs (english translated only, turns out years of watching hentai didn't teach me shit) in which the protagonist lives in the same place as the heroines.

"Grisaia", "Majikoi", "Noble Works" and "Under One Wing" are the ones i've already read. I don't care about H-scenes so they're not a must. Extra points if there's a tsundere heroine.

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Princess Evangile . Has a Tsundere, but she doesn't have a route (unless you get the fandisc Princess Evangile W Happiness ).

DS Dal Segno .

If My Heart had Wings . Not all heroines live in the same dorm.

Little Busters! . It's not all fun and comedy (the comedy IS really good though), but this VN really does the whole "best friends" theme justice.

Sakura Sakura .

* Nekopara series.

Onii-kiss . Not quite under the same roof, but the heroines are all little sisters. There's supposed to be a Tsundere sister too.

* Muv-Luv Unlimited and Muv-Luv Alternative. Technically, they do live in the same place, and technically, it does have some comedy, but....

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Family Project, pretty old, may not hold up too well, but I remember it fondly for very distinct heroines and interesting power/character dynamics.

Dangan Ronpa is pretty special in many respects, no H-scenes and the interactions with the "heroines" are pretty limited, but still fits your description I'd say. If you haven't played it just do yourself a favor and try it, I love these games.

Dracu-Riot urban fantasy, hit or miss depending on your tastes in setting I'd say.

Sweet Home all out nukige. Strong, independent, adult women who firmly take a hold of their sexual life are a rarity though, so I can't help wanting to mention this.

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There's surprisingly quite a lot of that, so let me recommend some of those. My recommendations here would be Damekoi (The main heroine Mitoko is the landlord of the MC here), Newton VN (All five heroines live in the same dormitory), Koiresort (MC and the heroines are working and stay in the resort area), Ikikoi (All heroines living in the same house as the MC, beware of tsundere though if you didn't like it), and Nanairo Reincarnation (Two of the heroine along with three demons). I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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