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After playing Grisaia No Kajitsu https://vndb.org/v5154, i started looking for visual novels with psychologically challenged MC who finally learned to appreciate life, with support of his friends and family. I really liked Yuuji who, despite all his flaws, recognized clearly what we wanted from his life, worked hard, was straightforward with his feelings to those he could depend on, trusted them just as much as they trusted him and together, they found their happiness.... 

So yesterday i played a hypnotism game https://vndb.org/v24722 for first time. There was no implication of MC death in VNDB, and i saw a video prologue of this game till the part where the supposedly good (but mentally challenged) MC begged a hypnotism expert to teach him hypnotism as till then he seemed genuinely worried for his sisters and didn't wanted them to get married at least before his graduation. Sadly, unlike Grisaia where we have the choice to explore both good and bad endings, this game has nothing but distorted endings.... 

Learned the hard way not to take a game for granted based on VNDB info and to check the walkthrough instead. Unfortunately, the MC tried to "control" his friends and family like a machine, to preserve "harmony", Instead of talking with them properly, just to alleviate his irrational prejudices like insecurity, over-obsession and fear of "loss". His parents died in an accident  back when he was a kid and to this day he felt strongly that everyone special to him will be taken away from him. 

He had two smart and popular female childhood friends towards whom he felt massive inferiority complex, even though he had ample time and opportunities to make a name for himself or to form trusting relations by joining club activities or student council his friends were part of, he kept himself distant and often, went home alone after school, lamenting over his past. He wanted them to do what he wanted, yet refused to take initiative to learn more about them honestly, but resorted to hypnotism to feed his ridiculous ego. 

It was beyond frustrating to see him humiliate his childhood friend, the only girl who saw his pathetic self as a man back from when they were still children. All she wished for was to get closer to him and perhaps share her future with him. Yet, he exploited her as an outlet of his selfishness and abused her and her only family member alive - her mother....

In one of endings, the girl managed to counter the hypnotism of MC, reversed it on him and rightfully gave him a taste of his own medicine, from morning to afternoon. In evening, she was having intercourse with now hypnotized MC and afterwards, eyes full of tears, she was crying why it had to turn out like this ?!


It feels sad when MC is made fun of by his friends and family in negative sense, but its hell to see MC, out of all, destroying everyone close to him....

Its natural for children to have complicated sense of life after going through a almost irrecoverable disaster. But, as long as they have at least one person they could always count on, who they could share all their worries and insecurities, they would be fine. But this MC, not only did he still had two elder sisters still alive who cared for him like their own son, but also two lifelong diligent childhood friends, yet he never gave them a chance to help him despite the obvious fact that they all loved him dearly. Even he himself "knew" this all too well, but, ruined it all....

Compared to MC of this story, Yuuji most definitely has a heart of gold, and attitude worthy of "Man".


Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

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I have played this game. In fact, I've played the entire Saiminjutsu series and many other hypnotism games. I agree that this game is an incredible letdown, even if you restrict that to the series or to hypnotism games as a whole. The protagonist's reasoning is very difficult to get behind. Unlike most games, where there's some kind of justification for the protag to resort to hypnotism (revenge, loneliness, being too much of a greasy, disgusting fatty to get girls to like him), in SJ4, he does it simply out of pure selfishness, while pretending he's doing the right thing. He keeps his sisters as slaves, robbing from them ability to ever love anyone else. He tortures one of his friends, simply because she doesn't agree with his lunacy. And all of this would be fine, if only it was portrayed as something evil. As it stands, this game is a blemish in Fudegaki Soft/Blackrainbow's catalogue. I really hope they take a different direction with future titles.

That being said, comparing a charage to a nukige is... to not be insulting, I'd say it's not the smartest thing to do. Really, what's the point? At least compare it to other nukige or hypnosis games. Saves you the embarrassment.

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The game you played was a hypnotism fetish  nukige.  As with most nukige, expecting a plot beyond hypnotic rape was perhaps... unrealistic.

If you want mentally scarred or disabled protagonists clawing their way back to a normal life or people with twisted life experiences finding happiness despite that, I suggest making a thread asking for recommendations specifically, rather than browsing for games without any prior experience to keep you away from landmines like the Saiminjutsu series.

Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not being sarcastic, though my initial post might seem so.  It took me some time to learn to pick up the signs that a game is a nukige before even jumping in, and that is the primary reason why I suggest making a thread asking for recommendations.

As a few examples of such recommendations:




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32 minutes ago, nihilloligasan said:

thank you vizualfan, very cool

your system of determining who deserves the title of "man" is utterly arbitrary. there is no objective goodness within the world of meatsuits, and fictional characters are mere abstractions with the verisimilitude of meatsuits

You mean meatbags.  Every good robot overlord knows that humans are meatbags.

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16 hours ago, alpacaman said:

Analysing the psychology of nukige protagonists should become a whole thing.

Five main types.  Kichiku (think extreme sadist), hetare (weak-willed, generally submissive, tends to be the object of oneshota and reverse-rape games), sexually active version of the common charage protag (kind and mysteriously attracts women but actually has sex with them instead of not noticing they like him), baka (idiot, usually cheerful and perverted), and evil overlord (a variant on kichiku that wants to somehow rape his way to taking over/destroying the world/country/city). 

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