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What are some strange things you’ve ever done?

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12 minutes ago, mitchhamilton said:

this one time i installed this thing i thought was a game, but it wasnt a game! :marie: instead it was like reading a book! with tons of images on screen and sex!

Woah..:michiru:  Didn’t they say anything in the “game” descriptions before you downloaded it? 

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2 hours ago, alpacaman said:

In a very edgy move I decided to spend some of my very first pay on something completely pointless. Since then I am the owner of a squirrel mask I can neither properly see nor breathe in.

That must be pretty sad...likewise, similar instances like these happen to me too. XD

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1 hour ago, Dreamysyu said:

Well, I was a bit sick and wanted to do something I've never done before and decided to watch some random anime, even though I never did that before and had some not very good impression of the Japanese media in general. I liked it. :meguface: I've been falling further and further into this rabbithole ever since.

Then we realize there’s literally no way to get out of that rabbit hole.

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Me: *writing code and listening to music*

Me: Oh, this is a good song, I'll put it on loop for a little while. *puts song on loop*

Me: *continues writing code for a while.

Me: Alright, well that's enough for today.  *momentary pause*  Is this song still playing?  Oops, I forgot I left it on loop; it's been playing for a few hours.

Obviously, doing this isn't that strange.  The strange part is that it happens a few times a month and I still haven't learned from it.

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  • 2 years later...

There has been a time where I was hard coping with life and I wanted to watch as much anime in a short timespan as I could, so I decided to watch anime at 1.5x speed to binge a show quicker. This actually permeated into my methods watching standard YouTube which is now at 1.75x,. Unfortunately, the community I was in back in the day (The Anime Man Discord) absolutely did not appreciate my way to watch anime this way and they gatekept me like "If you watch the show like this, you are not a true fan" which contributed to my hate against gatekeeping. 

These days I watch them again at normal speed. Back in the day the motivation was actually to have watched a LOT of anime so I could start an animetuber channel and actually have some broad knowledge. It did not work in my favour.

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