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(Request walkthrough) onii-kiss onii-chan where's my kiss?

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On 5/22/2021 at 7:11 AM, Frostwolf3227 said:

so there is a bug that won't let me finish harem route it says


?? : ?? ( ? ????????????????? )

(void) ?? Object ??????????Object ????????????? Object


(that is really what it said)



found the game's log file

using google translate, the raw translation comes to this:


A fatal error has occurred.
File: start.ks Line: 19
Tag: Unknown (← It may indicate the tag before and after the error occurred)
Unable to convert type from (void) to Object. This error occurs when a value other than Object type is passed in the context where Object type is required


I hope this helps in one way or another

(also the problem occurs whether or not you have accomplished all of the sister's routes and the mom route. this would suggest that the problem is irrelevant to your game completion progress)

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