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Prettiest school uniforms in VNs?

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Which, in your opinion are the prettiest/most stylish school uniforms in VNs (not hottest, because otherwise people are just gonna point out Cosplay Fetish Academy and be done with it).

To make it more difficult, i'm going with male/female combination, but you can go with whatever, since VNs don't really emphasize variety.

My pick are the uniforms from Flyable Heart, where both males and females look good + there are regular and student council variants. KoiChoco is a close second.

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Cosplay Fetish Academy.

For serious answer, I guess there's both of Nine and Saku Saku uniform, Hoshiori, and Fureraba. By the way most of the male uniform here is usually quite similar in term of design, which is understandable seeing that the staffs would likely design the uniform for the heroines first and then male students.

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1 hour ago, GXOALMD said:

Any of the uniforms from the Danganronpa series.  Sure, no two characters wear the same thing, but several of them have outfits that are clearly school uniforms and they all look pretty good.

of course there are, the whole secondary school has an uniform

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I wholeheartedly wish I knew more about fashion to use actually correct terminology here, but lemme go ahead and embarrass myself on the internet anyways:

So the way I see it, for girls there are like three general designs for school uniforms (Blazer, Sailor and the ... corset type? You know, the one where the boobs are really fun to draw) and a fourth category for fantasy and unconventional ones. And then shit gets even more complicated, when the summer and winter uniforms are different types, like how Hoshimemo has sailor uniforms in Summer, but blazers in winter just to annoy me. :komari:

Getting something similar to a coherent judgement was rough; For general blazer uniforms, Little Busters came to mind because I love the red/black combo and Comyu because it was a Harry Potter gag, but I would say my favorite uniform of that type would be the Daitoshokan uniform. It's very bright, with the white and red and the vest some of the girls wear helps make it not so boring in Summer when they take the actual blazer off and only rock the shirt. Good fashion, would force a girl to wear IRL/10

In the Sailor category, the To Heart 2 uniform came out on top over the Suki Suki uniform. Both contestants enter with the tried and true white/red aestethic. But when in doubt, go with the classics and do Ittaku a good one. Also, the 2Heart (I think To Heart 1 has the same, but whatever) uniform looks more like something an actual student would wear, while the other one looks like a cosplay from amazon. Honorable mention to Dracu-Riot, because I have to.

Entering the corset... half-shirt... tiddy window... the third category, I immediately remembered Koichoco and the thicc dream supreme: Wagahigh. Koichoco has a very simple, but effective design that scores points from how easy it is to customize it (I like it when the school uniform gets some personal touches by the characters, like Michiru's shirt or Nozomi's lab coat) and the greenish-blue is cool. On the other side, the Wagahigh uniform is a technical marvel, capable of containing to sheer amount of (totally anatomically correct) waifu flab within it's confines. Neither of those take the win for me though.

Not gonna touch up on the fantasy stuff, because I can really think of is Rewrite with the dress uniform.

So now I wrote out of my ass for a while, what is my favorite uniform? *drumroll*



Princess Evangile! What did me in? The white/brown with a little bit of red coloring? The noble feeling? The fact that it doesn't charge design between summer and winter? It's the boob window, isn't it? 


Everything, really. I just love this uniform and it's one of those  where I think it genuinely looks just great on every single heroine we see wearing it. 





It even looks good when you're about to jump off a building.





For men, Visual Novels aside, the best is the Persona 4 cloth. Sorry chinese powerpoint boyos, you will never come anywhere close to the absolute thuggery that is the checkerboard collar and the swagass stichlines. I love this one so much, I actually bought one. 

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