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Visual Novels that you got emotionally attached to?


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I know it may sound stupid but I got really emotionally attached with Higurashi since early age, I remember playing the VN back when I was in 5th grade. I was a loner and got bullied cause I was a fat kid (I was about to grow 10 cm tall in one summer) so I was super lonely. I still remember how warm it made me feel when I was watching the kids playing and having fun with their everyday life on Hinamizawa. So, I imagined myself and would draw all over my books about me hanging out with the gang. I was about Satoko's and Rika's age and I was looking up to Mion, Rena and Keiichi. It feels so weird being older than them now..I wonder, would they be proud of me on how I grew up? I'm more outgoing and I'm on a lot of groups now..but it may sound pathetic but the warmth I felt when reading higurashi, I never got it from anyone. I wish I would relive my childhood so I could feel this pure warmth somehow.

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Well ...... I cried 30 times while reading Clannad (and I'm a guy that never cries normally). Though it was mostly the happy or bittersweet tears.

Clannad is a VN about friends and family.

This song.......

THIS SONG ......... every time it came up!

..... Roaring Tides had some emotional impact too.


Little Busters is another KEY VN, that also has that real "band of best friends" theme. It also has an amazing soundtrack.


Kira*Kira is another VN I had some emotional attachment too. One of the heroines was almost like a daughter.

.......... and then, a scene happened, and I got completely devastated for more than 24 hours....

25 minutes ago, adamstan said:

Because Kotori is the best girl, obviously :D

Totally agreed! I teared up on her route too (when that fast paced vocal track hit during that scene). I was like YEAH!

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I easily get emotionally attached to vns so if I really think about it I'll end up with quite a number of vns

I get the warm fuzzies when I think about the romantic scene towards the end of Tsugumi's route in Ever17 for example

Or Tomoyo's and Kyou's endings in Clannad

There were also a whole heap of fuzzy moments in Mint's route in the Galaxy Angel series

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Little Busters is the only vn I've read that I felt did a good job of portraying childhood.  As someone who's been a child well into adult years, I was quite invested in it.

Grisaia no Kajitsu made tears flow in ways Key never could.

<insert third vn here to comply with the rule of three> (Looks like I've only read two that got me emotionally invested.)

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13 hours ago, Seraphim88 said:

I have some sort of blissful attachment to If My Heart Had Wings. I'm not entirely sure why, but my mood always seem to improve whenever I think about it. It's also one of the few VNs of which I still listen to the soundtrack every now and then. This song in particular always puts me in a good mood:


ill tell you why! every single character in that vn is haunted by something. whether its aoi feeling empty after seemingly life taking his meaning of waking up in the morning, or kotoris freedom when she lost her legs, or agehas regret for not pursuing the one she loves, or amane trying to fulfill a promise to her first best friend! all the characters are at their lowest but they come together, not to save humanity or to even save their school, but to fight for a new dream! something they can fight for and say looking back "I tried my hardest and dammit, we did it! our dreams came true!"


you all who read it, this image alone should be enough to convey the deep emotional feelings this vn brings upon you like a rock!



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3 hours ago, mitchhamilton said:

you all who read it, this image alone should be enough to convey the deep emotional feelings this vn brings upon you like a rock!



Whoa! You're absolutely right. I just looked at it, and felt it all again.

Apart from IMHHW, other VNs that I got attached to would be definitely Princess Evangile, Clannad and, for some mysterious reasons, Kazoku Keikaku. I get that strange nostalgic feeling whenever I just hear main menu music, or see title screen. Maybe some day I'll try to reread it untranslated.

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I know it’s a bit overrated, but when I played Katawa Shoujo, I got emotionally attached to it for several reasons.

First, because I have a developmental disability which forced me to take medication every day. At first I was sad that this will destroy my already scarce interactions with people, but after I saw the protagonist managing to bond with the girls, I realized that this is by no means the worst thing that could happen to me, and I begun to have faith in humanity.

Second, I wasn’t interested into mainstream media, and this gave me an escape to the norms I was supposed to follow.

And I know this will sound weird, but even though this is an American VN, I was sick of most mainstream movies, since I found most of them are extremely violent (when I started the game), so KS showed that there is an alternative to the “American way of life” of becoming happy. As my mother said when we where in a cultural festival, “you see most American movies filled with death and violence, whereas you enjoy something that is more peaceful”.

Sorry for not bringing anything else, university and a severe block stopped me from actualy enjoying another VN, let alone try an untranslated one.:wafuu:

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