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I make Interactive stories/Visual novel/otome games,  Check out our work on Itch.io or follow me on Twitter @beastcarving.:wub: My name is BeastCarving. I love drawing and writing, and this way I could fuse my passions together. Right now I'm working on a VN named Your Brother's Religion. A story about a made-up religion. Follow me to see updates.

I'm here sometimes. Help me make this fun: Discord

Become a Patron for exclusive content: Patreon

See what happened:   Kickstarter

My little area on the web: Website

My favorite place to post logs: Itch

Land of Pix and DMs: Instagram

Daily tweets. Are you ready?: Twitter

An ancient ghost town. You'll hear a crackle or two there: Tumblr

Buy me a kofi: Ko-fi

Enjoy some serious journal read-age: Deviantart

Come see my cute little board: Pinterest

Or and if you're feeling wild. Look: Facebook

See threads here: Reddit

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