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What Anime Would You All Like To See Another Season Of If You Had a Choice?


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I thought this would be a fun topic to start to see what you guys are wanting to see continuations of and what not. Btw to make it more fun let's count seeing reboots of series into the mix.

As for my choices: Accel World, Mahou Sensei Negima! (REBOOT PLZ!), The World God Only Knows Final Season, Sora no Otoshimono (Complete Final Season Plz!).

That's all I could think of off the top of my head but if I remember anymore I'll be sure to post them here. I think this thread is going to be fun! ^^

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Sora no otoshimono was kinda finished, but not according to the original source material...

Agree with those you've posted. You've opened a can of worms for me :) Excluding shows that are already going to have sequels, add:

  • Chivalry of a Failed Knight.
  • Love Hina reboot.
  • Absolute Duo.
  • Actually, I am...
  • Banner of the stars reboot.
  • Claymore reboot.
  • Devil is a part timer.
  • Full metal panic.
  • Interviews with monster girls.
  • Land of the lustrous.
  • Monster musume.
  • Nisekoi (yes I still want to see it to the end.)
  • No game no life.
  • One week friends.
  • Saga of Tanya the evil.
  • Amaenaide yo.
  • Black bullet.
  • Bloom into you.
  • Boarding school Juliet.
  • Hentai prince and the stony cat.
  • High school DXD.
  • His and her circumstances reboot.
  • Infinite stratos.
  • Irregular at magic high school.
  • Kabaneri of the iron fortress.
  • Kaguya sama.
  • Kamisama dolls.
  • Kampfer.
  • Mayo Chiki!
  • Noragami.
  • Seraph of the end.
  • Silver spoon.
  • Troubled life of Miss Kotoura.
  • UQ holder.
  • Yona of the dawn.
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Really any anime that stopped part way through the source material.  Particularly noteworthy ones would be:

Gakkou Gurashi.  The one season we have establishes a ton of mysteries, would be really nice to get some answers.

Rokka no Yuusha.  One might say it should get approximately five more seasons.

One Punch Man.  The second season feels like it exists for the sole purpose of setting up the third season.

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5 hours ago, mitchhamilton said:

interview with monster girls

Hah, I didn't think anyone would mention it, but it is definitely my choice. I don't think any other anime left me wanting more as much as this one. ^^

7 hours ago, Sonicboom2.0 said:

The World God Only Knows Final Season

That would be so hard to do though, considering how meandering the manga gets after the stuff that already got adapted? The Goddesses Arc was a really good place to leave it at. 

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@ittaku That was less than half the list you put up in our Discord discussion.  lol

I agree with most of Ittaku's list, and I'd like to add that I'd like to see a new season for these:


No Game, no Life

Every decent isekai anime that got cut off just when things were getting interesting (usually because the company in question decided to draw out the intro chapters way too much)

Overlord (probably will happen, but meh)

Log Horizon


Saiunkoku Monogatari

Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Hunter X Hunter (simply because I want to see where things go after Gon completed his original goals)

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

I'd like to see a complete remake of the Tayutama anime where they didn't strip out the awesome ending from the game and the romantic moments


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Just now, Clephas said:

@ittaku That was less than half the list you put up in our Discord discussion.  lol

Haha, I kept the list to just my highest rating shows here for brevity. There's so much more I'd happily watch more seasons of, but that list above are the things I desperately would like to sequels of -- that haven't had sequels announced.

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1. TWOGK: Needs to adapt the Heart of Jupiter Arc, which is arguably better than the Goddess arc.

2. Full Metal Panic: Still has an arc or two left to adapt. The gap between the second season and third season was 13 years, so I really hope that's not the case for the fourth season.

3. Code Geass: I know there's a movie which came out, but I need me more Lelouch

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Yeah, I feel ya on Accel World. As far as production standards go, it blew SAO (at least the earlier series) completely out of the park and was a joy to watch. It's the first series that comes to mind when I think of anime that need a continuation. Unfortunately, it's seems like Sunrise is mostly focusing on Gundam and Love Live nowadays. It's probably not gonna happen.

Yakusoku no Neverland - This anime has a mean cliffhanger ending. If I weren't a big fan of manga in general, I'd have probably read its source material by now. I'm still considering it, actually.

I'd say 90% of Madhouse's anime need continuations...

Kokoro Connect - One can dream, right?

Made in Abyss - I was highly invested in this series by the end of it, but the ending was not the least bit satisfying.

Panty and Stocking - Not that I have a real craving for this, but I'd definitely like to watch more just for the lulz. :sacchan:

Binbougami ga - This anime was so funny it actually hurt a little, lol. I would seriously love to see a sequel series for this.

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