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What Are Everyone's Thoughts on 9-nine Sorairo Sorauta Soranooto


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Well it just came out 15 hours ago so I don't expect many people to have completed it but who ever finished it, what are your thoughts and what would you rate it? 

Personally I am extremely bias towards this series since kokoiro was my first visual novel and I am still very new to the community. 和泉つばす, the character designer and CG artist is my favourite artist. Since I don't have much experience in visual novels I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure this would be one of the few games out there where it had a sex scenes which succeeded in making struggle to hold back by tears, whilst another made me laugh my ass off. The bad end was pretty rough; Feels got me pretty good. It didn't give me the heavy feeling after I finished it though since I know there is Haruiro coming up next and 2 to follow after that. I'm looking forward to Haruiro which would probably be translated in half a year (?) 

I'd give it a 8/10. It was better than kokoiro in my opinion.

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I ended up liking this way more than the first game and I did like the first game quite a bit too. Without the imouto bias in my head I think Sora and Miyako are about as good as each other but the imouto power brings Sora far above.


If I had to bitch about something I'd say the way Kakeru doesn't seem nearly as commited to the relationship at the end and the whole rooftop scene with the villain. There was a similar sequel hook at the end of the first episode and I didn't like that either. It leaves the Miyako & Sora routes feeling like they aren't complete because the evildoer is sitll at large and all. I'm praying that in the very last episode they might have after stories or something similar that will tie that up neatly.

Another thing I can bitch about would be the mosaics. It would definitely be great if we could see Izumi Tsubasu's art without that cancer.


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