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Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

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Zakamutt aka Zaka aka 變態魔法猫ザカちゃん, Zakaslut, Bakabutt, Zakabutt, 宿無きの如くに振舞い缶拾狂人「ザ缶」, Zakan, Kill yourself zaka, (You), Neck yourself zakaMUTT, Sharmoot, INUKAI ZAKA, 経世済民を齎す威風堂々な極的存在ボーイ, Gay

Height: 182cm

Hair: Dark Blonde, Long, Sumptuous SPELLED FUCKING RIGHT DAMN IT CHACHA, Not cared for lmao, Viking, Dual braids

Eyes: Aryan blue

Nose: Powerful

Body: デブデブ

Clothes: Whatever mum bought me

Items: Diabeetus needles, Glucose meter, Glucose candy, RtK1 (6th ed.), 灰色少女の声 physical motherfucking edition

Personality: Smart, Retarded, Sarcastic, Friendly, Optimistic, Cynic, Positive, Negative, Degenerate, Depressed, Absurd tiers of not actually depressed

Role: Unregistered Sex Offender, Translator, TLC, Editor (sub), Transcriber, 'Hacker', Release engineer, Project leader (that actually does stuff), HMN's Wife, Accursed Straight Gay

Engages in: Anti-Israel propaganda, Trolling, Chilling with the boys, Getting kicked from Japanese discord servers by autistic server owners THAT SOUND REALLY HOT THOUGH FUCK, Dank memes, Reading games edgier than Shirou's body turned entirely into BLADES inside your matrilineal ancestor, Thinking about how retarded HMN's ban was

Engages in (Sexual): My life is masturbation. Total masturbation. I revolve and accelerate, my hand in my pants the whole time. I'm a ballerina dancing through the world.

Misc: Check out my translations, if you can find them

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my wife made me do it
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Okay this seems fun, here I go. 

Hair: Red, Short Bangs, Shoulder-lenght, Straight

Eyes: Brown

Body: Mole, Average Height, Young-adult, Pale

Clothes: Crop-top, Leather Jacket, Jeans, Beanie, Sunglasses, Belt, Earrings

Items: Manga, Gaming Console, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Cigarette

Personality: Watashi, Otaku, BL & GL Fan, Observant, Workaholic, Possessive, Introvert, Stubborn, Emotional, Perfectionist, Stylish, Rebellious, Yandere, Carefree, Friendly

Role: Asexual, Bisexual, Multilingual, Pet Owner, Older sister, Full sister, Witch, Fortune teller

Engages In: Online Chatting, Singing, Smoking, Sarcasm, Stalking, Sadism

Subject of: Stalking, Seduction

Engages in (Sexual) : BDSM, Rope Bondage

Subject of (Sexual): None

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6 minutes ago, NowItsAngeTime said:

[Visible confusion]

Yup the confusion is understandable, I was too, confused af when I was discovering my sexuality and reading all these different lables. But anyway, as an asexual, I'm also a bisexual which makes me what they call a bi-romantic, although I'm not interested in sex in real life I do enjoy flirting and reading eroge because it's fun.:wahaha:

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  • Hair- Black, Short,Long
  • Eyes- Black
  • Body- Young-Adult, Average Height,Pale
  • Clothes- T-Shirt,Shirt,Jeans,Shorts,Slippers,Shoes
  • Personality- Modern Tsundere,Deredere,Closest Pevert,Sly,Shy,Protective,Pretending,Overconfident,Low Self-esteem,Kind,Loner,Lazy,Fear of Commitment,Himedere,Siscon,Short-Tempered,Rude,Taciturn,Stoic, Sharp-tongued,Henpecked
  • Role- Musician,Violinist
  • Engages In- Unarmed Fighting,Music Learning,Cosplay,Cross-Dressing,Computering,Daydreaming,Rebellion,Self-Harm,Revenge,Sadism,Learning of a Foreign Language,Singing
  • Subject of- Turndown,Betrayal,Bullying,Forced Cross-dressing
  • Engages in (Sexual) - None
  • Subject of (Sexual)- None

    it was me atm
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  • Hair- Brown, Shoulder-length
  • Eyes- Hazel
  • Body- Tall, Acne, Fat
  • Clothes- Sweatpants, Jacket
  • Personality- Coodere, Effeminate, Gloomy, Selfish
  • Role- Younger brother, Gamer, Writer, Half Brother, Bisexual, Criminal 
  • Engages In- Online Chatting, Flirting, Reading, Recreational Drug Use, Self-harm, Learning of a Foreign Language
  • Subject of- Teasing, Bullying, Mental Affliction, Confinement
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