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Angela DeMille

Penlight [16+] [BxG] [Free / Donate] (Latest Release - 10th August 2019)

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With the end of his high school career approaching, Kyou Koyama is a friendless and troubled young man. However, having recently taken an interest in hypnosis, he supposes he can salvage his relationships with his classmates using the power of suggestion. With the help of a modified penlight of his own design, he sets out the change his world, one class rep at a time...

Penlight is a visual novel set in a high-school with a heavy hypnosis/brainwashing kink theme. While still in early development, the current release is fully playable from start to finish. It should be noted that all characters featured in the game are in their senior year of high school and are over 18 years of age.


Free releases available via my Patreon or itch.io

Current public release: August 10th 2019

Next public release due on September 14th 2019

Currently Features:

  • Around 62,500 words
  • Three main routes, playable from start to end, with at least one consequential choice for each
  • Hypnosis & Mind Control (Consenting and non-consenting)
  • Mild D/s
  • Robotization
  • Male protagonist
  • Three female characters
  • 2D Animé-style art (In the process of upgrading from placeholder stock sprites)

Most Recent Additions:

  • New major route (Villainous) with two distinct story paths
  • New sprite for Nozomi, albeit with limited functionality (selectable on game start)
  • Added a few more assets; a couple new backgrounds, character expressions, sounds and a smartphone graphic, mostly to accommodate the villainous route
  • Tweaked some of the dialogue in the two original routes, mostly to resolve inconsistencies created by the villainous route additions
  • Changed the file format of the music to ogg from mp3, significantly reducing file size
  • General spelling and grammar corrections

Please note that I tagged the game 18+ on my Patreon and Itch.io pages, more because of the non-consenting mind control that some might find objectionable rather than the presence of any explicit NFSW content. The content is probably more PEGI 16 / ESRB M were it rated for audiences.

Support The Project
Penlight is very much a work in progress. Over time I intend to improve the game's writing, art and audio into a more complete game with multiple story branches and additional choices that yield interesting consequences for the player. Check in every second Saturday of each month for a new public release with updated content!

While I'm confident I can make a functioning and enjoyable visual novel on a super limited budget, any funding I do get will be invested into making a higher quality product. If you would like to make a contribution, please visit my Patreon and consider pledging ($5 patrons get access to new content up to 4 weeks ahead of the free releases).

Comments and feedback are welcome, too. I appreciate any support!

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Surprisingly, this seems to interest me (the word consent is present). However, I don't know if I'd want to play it at this point.

The problem with releasing something like this as 'in-development' is that some updates will consist of updating or bettering what is already there, meaning that for those who have already read, the incentive to replay is negligible at best, since the replay value of reading experiences is based entirely on the person itself and how they take to the story. The formats that are more adequate for these sorts of 'early access' are formats that go chapter by chapter. Either each update will offer the next bit of the story, or a whole new route/path. Content that does not require rereading.

What I fear, at this point, is that if I tried it now to provide feedback, I would not experience the story at its best, but wouldn't want to reread it all again for the final release, either.

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