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FuwaChanges : The update log

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A public log where you can see all changes that is made. 


  • Today inactive moderators will be removed.

                Sad to see such big part of them inactive. but not surprising.  They are welcome back to the positions if they                            come back. Moderators removed : Nohman, Eclipsed, Helvetica standard, Flutterz and our oldtimer global mods                    Nosebleed and Down. 

                Mr Poltroon was promoted to Global mod, Plk_Lesiak have been added to Board moderators.

  • Some minor forum cleaning have started. 

                Some of the sections have been abit clutterd with pinned threads, for example Helvetiva´s Renpy guide have                          now been moved to the mainsite. More things to come.


This first post will be fairly short, There is alot more worked on behind the scenes and as things get done it will be added to this thread. i have slowly started adding VN´s and change things on the mainsite and the forums. But its a big list and im just 1 person. 

Find any errors or something else to report. use the Report & Request a change section

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There is new subforums for the project sections under Development boards.

Old archives got its named shortend and added Recruitment and Released.

This is to make it easier to find and released projects dont get burried with dropped projects.

archives will now only have dropped/dead projects and abandoned recruitment threads. 


Released projects will remain open for replies so developers can get feedback and give updates. 

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Developer role have been added.

          We know roles dont do much, but unlimited pm´s etc. blah blah. 

          Can post on Dev update feed.

          and it has a new badge that is too big atm. 


if you are a developer send me a private message and link to project thread.

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Account deletion: 

    If requested to global moderator or me, Account deletion can be solved. All your posts will be removed and your account will be left empty and banned.  (this is to prevent forum breaking). It can take up to 30 days for the account to be "deleted". 

Bot prevention:

    There have been a fair bit updates to the bot prevention. Theres also a fair bit of options saved but not implemented yet if it                doesnt improve things.

Other useless info: 

    I have at times slow weeks where i cant do much due to personal reason. but things is not dead. Still alot of prep going on behind  the scenes. The VN queue for things to add to mainpage will be slightly modified to priortize getting "up-to-date" with more recent stuff. 2018-2019 releases will be first, and the current vn queue will be added when theres time after. im just one person afterall, with a huge list of                things to do.

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Mainsite updated and the big bunch of plugins. nothing have broken yet. 

              working on fixing some small old issues.


the newer updates have new block editor for better template making (even tho similar to what we have had due to plugins) the newer official version seems more simplified. we dont have anybody doing blog posts atm but should help with some things im working on.

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Fixed some behind the scenes stuff.

+ changed members (backer) to just Backer. and will remain a relic from the old when you could donate. 

+ added new role "contributor". nothing you will apply for but will be given to people who are contributing for the mainsite or forums or social media in various ways.  so they get fancy little badge like


*note all badges are temporary and will be updated in future.

There is many ways to contribute. providing content for the blog, add v-tubers or programs to the new sections, be active and helpful on forums just an few examples. not an specific list on what there is to do.  

more "fun" roles mig ht come infuture. 


oh and i gave our @Mr Poltroon his own jr.admin role :wahaha:

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mainsite is undergoing heavy visual edits and will continue doing. still have to find the css keywords for stuff to make custom css but progress have begun.

-upcoming days: will do some cleanup in most sections of informations not being relevant (ex staff not active anymore, like sidebar decay & tay in vnts)

-for future thinking of having bg contest like previously done logoocontests. (dont have to make all themself googling is fine) *note that these bg´s will stick around for longer as its alot more work for me to implement.

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