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remmomend me mystery/nakige 18+ english translated novels

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long time no see Fuwanovel forum .

im finding some VNs to read any recommend ?

i like Nakige with Mysterious story 

i'm really love HapyMaher , ChronoClock  and enjoy with Stein:Gate , Phonix Wright

sure that i;m very interest in  Amatsutsumi and Beyond Clouds but they still don't release lol.

what should i start next ?? 

Witch's love diary ? ?


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I haven't read much mystery novels, but I've got some suggestions....

Fureraba . If you liked Chrono Clock, then you might like this comedic dating sim filled with cute waifus as well.

Kono Oozora . Also light hearted and comedic. Get the latest fan patch (official translation is pretty bad).

Island . Has a bit of a mystery vibe to it. Quite a bit of comedy too.

Symphonic Rain . Has quite a unique (if melancholic) setting.

ef - a fairytale of the two . Great visuals and ost. It's interesting how all the separate stories are woven into a larger story. Also ... nakige....

Grisaia no Kajitsu . The VN that got me hooked on VNs. Writing is awesome. Manages to on one hand have 10/10 comedy ...... while having some dark themes and nakige elements on the other.

Clannad . KEY VNs are quite known for it's Nakige. It's themes of friendship and family will leave a mark on your soul.


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If mistery is what you seek, then neither G-Senjou nor Root Double will disappoint you. 

The first one is kind of Sherlock Holmes story. The second similar to a Survival Horror.

There's also the Kara no Shoujo series. Though in this case there's some Gore elements that causes some impact.



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That's some good recommendations above, so I'll just seconded those. For more recommendations perhaps you can try Fata Morgana, Himawari, and Chaos duology (Head and Child). Of course you can play Majokoi now that it's already released, and if you want some lighter one then you can try both of Da Capo trilogy and Dal Segno. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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