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Cyberpunk visual novel.

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The Baldr series

Tokyo Necro


That's about it for good ones... the rest are crap.

Edit: As a clarification, I haven't played the EVNs, so my dismissal refers to the Japanese ones, most of which I at least tried if I could get  my hands on them.  Cyberpunk has never been as big in Japan as it was over here, and even over here, it is somewhat niche.  I suggest you read the Baldr series or Kikokugai for cyber-identity and stuff like that, Tokyo Necro for action in a cyberpunk setting, and I/O for something that is philosophically complex to an insane degree.

If you simply want a futuristic tech-heavy setting with some dystopian elements, I actually suggest you try Re:Birth Colony Lost Azurite.  The setting there is definitively dystopian, with the characters living in a post-apocalyptic arcology that got split into an aristocratic upper class, commoners, and a 'non-people' caste that are in a constant and somewhat fluid state of conflict and symbiosis (they all know if they go too far they'll wipe themselves out).  Cybernetics are pretty advanced in the setting, with full-body replacement available, though it is uncommon.  Wetware is also available if you have the money, but few do.  There are two major characters that can be characterized as full-cyber and two with heavily-modified genetic structures that enable them to interact with electronics and the web in odd ways (these characters are separate).  This game IS a sequel, but it doesn't require knowledge of the original to enjoy... I read it before the prequel and enjoyed it thoroughly.


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I think Clephas has pretty much mentioned everything that's worth mentioning. Just chiming in to say that I can personally vouch for VA-11 Hall-A and Kikokugai.

VA-11 Hall-A is more of a laidback experience, putting you in the role of a bartender interacting with clientele, and it's actually surprisingly enjoyable—probably my favourite EVN so far. Kikokugai is much more story-heavy and action-packed, and it also gives you a better look at the cyberpunk world it's built around.

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